The New Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at The Fireplace Room Restaurant is sold out again this year, and preparations are underway to serve Thanksgiving dinner to more than 200 guests! For many, it’s becoming a new family tradition to let us do the cooking and celebrate turkey day at The International; it’s the New Thanksgiving! Turkeys have been brining since Sunday, vegetables have been washed, cut, and peeled, and ingredients are measured and ready to go. On Wednesday soup will begin simmering and turkeys will take center stage in the ovens Thursday morning.

“Our reservations are filled and we currently have a waiting list,” says Jessica St. Pierre, Restaurant and Event Operations.

This is only the second year The Fireplace Room Restaurant has served the special Thanksgiving Day feast and it has become wildly popular.

“We have great events here,” says Kevin Weadock, Vice President of Operations at The International. “You’re not just coming to a beautiful restaurant, you’re coming to a whole event destination with beautiful scenery and the perfect backdrop to make really special moments with your family.”

Thanksgiving Dinner kicks off a season of holiday events at The Fireplace Room that are quickly becoming traditions for many. The restaurant and all of its events are open to the public. In December look forward to Brunch with Santa on December 3rd. The brunch is appropriate for families and friends of all ages with or without children. The International will also likely fill up fast for its upcoming Valentines, Easter, and Mother’s Day events.

“It’s exciting to see these events grow,” exclaims Weadock.

For those who prefer to celebrate the holiday in their homes, The International offered a Thanksgiving To-Go menu which featured a delicious Thanksgiving meal serving 8 adults and a la cart items for those who wanted to add some International favorites to their own menu. How will you make The International part of your holiday happenings?