The Italian Open – October 9th

2017 L’Italiano Aperto… Better than ever and here’s why:

As some of you may have heard, 3 Day rocked the house this year. Now it’s a competition with ourselves to make each tournament bigger and better. The plan is to finish out the season with a bang, or esplosione if we’re being in theme, and how better to do that than by hosting the most magnifico tournament of the year, to make all other tournaments seem banale.

We’re Talking…
Bocce, cornhole, chipping games, Cafe Espresso, Italian Cordials, pastries, on course fresh PIZZA slices provided by Anzio’s, sausages with all the toppings, a six-foot sub to share, a four course Italian dinner that includes Veal Osso Buco, and so much more!
Also there will be golf.

The Italian Open
Monday, October 9
10 am Bocce Tournament
Common Room Lawn
12 pm Shotgun • The Pines

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