“Leaf” your worries behind…

“Leaf” Your Worries Behind…and Book Your Next Business Meeting at The International!

As 2017 comes to a close it is exciting to consider new business ideas for the new year. One trend that seems to be appearing in numerous business publications and blogs is the beneficial impact that exposure to the outdoors can have on employees during seminars, lectures, group projects, and other meetings.

While the health benefits of communing with nature are nothing new, it appears to this writer that a focus on mindfulness is becoming increasingly essential as technology-based start-ups and other millennial-run companies are evolving technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality which tend to keep people indoors. Meanwhile, spending time outdoors “can actually significantly boost employee well-being, reduce stress, enhance innovative potential, and boost a sense of connection,” according to the article Why You Should Tell Your Team To Take A Break and Go Outside in the Harvard Business Review.

So why choose The International for your next business meeting or corporate function? To start, we are located on 700 acres of naturally beautiful land featuring two world-renowned golf courses, The Oaks and The Pines, the latter known as one of the world’s longest golf courses. The grounds are perfect for walking in any weather; this writer’s favorite season to stroll about the property is the stunning Autumn with panoramic views of Wachusett Mountain in the distance. Several water features are scattered throughout our rolling hills and a spectacular water fountain commands attention when looking out the majestic windows of our Grand Ballroom. The International boasts a variety of outdoor venues, again with spectacular views, so meetings and meals can be enjoyed in one of the most beautiful outdoor settings New England has to offer.

Event planners and corporations alike make the most of their time and our outdoor space at The International by conducting team exercises, holding break out sessions, setting up work spaces on our patios, and finding new ways to take in all the nature we have to offer each day. When considering where to hold your next meeting, remember the importance of getting back to basics by getting back to nature. As we say at The International, “Leaf” your worries behind, and book your next meeting with us.

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