The Rick Smith Golf Academy is now open for the season

PGA Certified Teaching Professional, Todd Dugan takes the reigns as Director of Instruction



Todd Dugan is a PGA of America member with Certified Professional status in Instruction. With over 10 years’ experience teaching and more than 6,000 hours logged on the lesson tee, Todd brings a wealth of experience and education to his instruction. Todd has taught with some of the top golf instruction companies, including; GolfTEC, Golf Digest School, and most recently as Director of Instruction at Golfsmith in Northborough, Massachusetts.

In harmony with academy founder, Rick Smith, Todd uses a “flexible” approach to swing development, realizing that two otherwise efficient swings need not appear identical. Thusly, the function of the swing is to produce the conditions at impact which are required by physical law to produce the desired ball flight.  Always then evaluating swings for the impacts that they produce, the path to improvement is clearer for both the teacher and student. Areas targeted for improvement are prioritized and worked on one at a time until assimilated with a “building block” approach.

Whether you are a beginner or a “scratch” player, Todd has the experience, passion, and proven track record to help you realize your personal potential!


* Instruction writer for #1 ranked golf website,

* Multiple winner, New England PGA tournament circuit

* Career low round, 66



Cell Phone: 508-237-5555

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